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Illinois Children’s Choice Awards

The Illinois School Library Media Association (ISLMA) sponsors four awards for children’s literature in children in the state of Illinois nominate, read, and vote for their favorite books. Students at Southeast School have the opportunity to participate in three of these participation programs.

Caudill Winners 2016


Bluestem Winners 2016


Monarch Winner 2016

(Southeast School and State Winner)


In 2016, 66 Southeast School students voted on the Bluestem and Caudill lists!  42 of those students read 7 titles and were invited to a Pizza Party on April 12.  They also received an award certificate at the end of the year.

Pizza Party Challenge — 3rd, 4th and 5th graders had the opportunity to earn a Pizza Party by voting on both the Bluestem or Caudill lists.  They needed to have read a total of 7 books.  47 students qualified in 2014; 39 students qualified in 2015; 42 students qualified in 2016.   Congratulations Southeast!
Congrats to the 2016 Pizza Party Winners! R.J. C., Emily M., Angel M., Jakob S., Farrah B., Max C., Caroline H., Gabe J., Monroe M., Nate M., Collin S., Miranda Z., Anna B., Emily B., Tyler B., Kaitlyn G., Kelsie J., Kaitlyn L., Laynee S., Ashlee W., Evyn C., Cassie C., Sophia D., Makenna H., Cam K., Thomas M., Maia O., Jake R., Jaxon T., Jenna A., Abby B., Tia D., Carter E., Amanda F., Reese F., Lance G., Kaleigh I., Elizabeth K., Grace P., Harrison P., Nicole W., Alyssa W.

Bluestem and Caudill Lists
  • Monarch (Grades K-3)
    Students must read (or be read to) 5 of the 20 nominated books by mid-March; this is usually done during library time or in their classroom.  Monarch Tracking 2016
  • Bluestem (Grades 3 – 5)
    Students must read (or be read to) 4 of the 20 nominated books by mid-March; a few books are read by the librarian or the teacher but students must also read on their own. Students must complete a four sentence review of each book read. See below for instructions.  2016 Bluestem Nominees
  • Rebecca Caudill (Grades 4 – 8)
    Students must read or be read to 3 of the 20 nominated books by the end of February; not all of the books on this list will necessarily be available in the Southeast Library. Students must complete a four sentence review of each book read. See below for instructions. VIEW CAUDILL LIST HERE

Readers’ Choice Award logos (Illinois School Library Media Association) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

How to do your review for Bluestem or Caudill:

In order to be able to vote for the Bluestem or Caudill award, students must submit reviews of the required number of titles for each award. Third graders may choose to print out the following form and give it to the library or enter their information directly online. This form may also be used if a student has difficulty accessing the online catalog. Fourth and Fifth graders must submit their review online by logging into Destiny, or the Southeast Library Catalog.

MONARCH — Teachers Click Here to check which Monarch Books your class has read – Monarch Tracking 2016.