Author Visits

Some fun authors have visited the Southeast School Library over the years, often in conjunction with the book fair. Author visits create a buzz throughout the school and get kids more interested in reading. Seeing an author in person and hearing their stories gives kids a personal connection to that author’s books which encourages reading.

For the most part, these visits are not free. Authors have to make a living too. Kids get the most excited when the visiting author is nationally known and is one they have already read and loved. In order to help fund this spring’s K-3 visiting author, Jason Chin, the library is raffling a handmade quilt donated by a Southeast School parent.

This donated handmade throw quilt was raffled off on April 15. Tickets were $5 each or 5/$20. All proceeds will help pay for author Jason Chin’s spring visit.

Thank you so much to everyone for your support! The winner of our quilt raffle was Jack D. from North School! Enjoy!

quilt winner

Jason Chin May 20, 2016
Jason Chin is an acclaimed author and illustrator of non-fiction picture books. He will be visiting Southeast and North Schools on May 20, 2016. Check out his website:

Roland Smith March 4, 2016
Roland Smith is the author of approximately 40 popular novels and non-fiction books for children.  Before become an award winning author, he worked as a zookeeper and research biologist.  Checkout his website:

Ted Sanders April, 2015
Ted Sanders introduced Southeast students to his fantasy series “The Keepers” with his first book for children, The Box and the Dragonfly. Students purchased the book ahead of his visit and enjoyed asking all kinds of questions about the book. Checkout his website:

Michele Weber Hurwitz
Checkout her website:

Sally Walker  
Checkout her website at