Weekly Update: August 23, 2021

Important Events

  • Thursday, August 26
    • First Late Start Thursday - Building opens at 9:15 AM and school starts at 9:30 AM

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Message from Mrs. Crawford

We made it through the first 3 days of school and it has been such a joy to have our kiddos back at SE. Their smiles and enthusiasm have turned this building into a great place to be! I appreciate the wonderful turnout we had for Back to School Night and it felt great to get to see our families back in the building again. 

Our staff has been very busy forming relationships with their students and making each and every one of our students feel comfortable in the classroom. We feel that this is so important, especially when we think of what the last two years have been for our students. Please stay in communication with our staff so that we can work as a team to help all of our little ones feel safe here and be successful.

As we finish our first week at SE, I have a couple of things that I would like to bring to your attention in order to keep all of our families safe. Please pay special attention to the Arrival and Dismissal section and to the Mask Expectations section that is discussed below. Also, please make sure that you are sending your child with a water bottle each day. As a safety precaution, we do not have the drinking fountains on at this time, but we do have bottle filling stations available for all students during the day. Thanks for your help with this!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email or call the school office at (815) 899-8219.

Have a great rest of your day!
Kristi Crawford


Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

We are working very hard to keep all families safe during arrival and dismissal. Please note the following guidelines that we need everyone to follow in order to make this happen.

  • There are two lanes of traffic being used during arrival and dismissal.
    • The inside lane is for dropping off and picking up students.
    • The outside lane is the go around lane that should be used to leave the pickup area.
  • All parents need to stay in their vehicles during arrival and dismissal if you are using the pick up lane. We will have staff outside assisting students as they get out of the car each day. 
  • If you wish to get out and assist your child(ren), you need to park outside of the driveway and assist them there.
  • If it is taking a lot of time for your child to exit the car, please consider parking and letting the student walk to the building using the crosswalk.
  • All families need to use the crosswalk when traveling from the front, grassy area to the building. This is where we have an adult stopping traffic and ensuring that students get safely across to the building.

Mask Expectations

With school starting, it has been mandated that all staff and students wear masks while inside the school building. Ms. Mauch, school nurse, has shared what the mask expectations are. Please read these and have your child follow these expectations while in the school building:

  • Masks should be two or more layers
  • Masks need to completely cover nose and mouth
  • Masks need to fit snugly against the sides of your face and not have any gaps
  • No masks are allowed to have valves or vents
  • Gaiters may only be worn if they have two layers or if they are folded in half to create two layers.

We appreciate your willingness to mask your child so that all can stay safe while at school.


Late Start on Thursdays

The District is adding a late start of 45 minutes on Thursdays district wide. Please note that our first late start will be this Thursday, August 26, 2021. On this day, the building will open at 9:15 AM and school will begin at 9:30 AM.

  • Late Start has been a practice at the high school for years. It will be a great addition for the rest of our district as we will be able to have our grade level team meetings without the use of subs and provide a consistent opportunity for teaming for all staff members. This aspect of collaboration has led to some very positive changes for our District over the past 7 years.
  • If you still need to drop off your student at 8:30 AM, OSCAR can provide care for your child until 9:15 AM. Please contact Courtney Walz, OSCAR Director, at (815) 899-8123 for information and pricing.

Internet Support

Federal aid is now available specifically to help families pay for high-speed internet service, plus a computer or tablet. It’s called the Emergency Broadband Benefit, and it provides discounts of up to $50 a month for high-speed internet along with a one time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet purchased through a participating provider.  


Households qualify if anyone in the household is eligible for the free and reduced-price school lunch or breakfast programs; participates in SNAP, Medicaid, or Lifeline; received a Federal Pell Grant this year; or lost significant income due to furlough or job loss since Feb. 29, 2020. Please see the link below for more details about this support program.

Internet Service Site


Spirit Wear

Southeast has a new online spirit wear shop. Please use the link below to check out all of our new products. 

1st Place Spirit Wear - Southeast