Drop Off and Pick Procedure

Safety is a top priority at Southeast Elementary School.  In order to keep all students safe during arrival and dismissal a carefully thought out plan has been developed. Parents who pick up students by parking in the diagonal parking on the South side of the parking lot should not back out into traffic, this has proven to be hazardous to students as well as other vehicles.


  • Students are allowed on school property at 8:10 AM (there is no supervision before that)
  • All students will enter the school through the main front entrance.
  • Students will have a choice of location where they can go to for 15 minutes before heading to class.  Teachers will be supervising in each of these areas and will be explained more during first day of school.
  • Parents driving their students to school should drive through the inner circle closest to the school and drop off at the front of the school where an adult is on duty.  To use this drop-off students must be able to get out of the car independently on the passenger side.  Make sure that you pull all the way down to the gym doors so we can have a large group of students dropped off. If your child can’t get out of the car independently please use the bus drive to help them exit the car and walk down the sidewalk.  The parking lot next to the building is not for drop off.
  • Make sure you and your child use the crosswalk.


  • Students will be dismissed out their designated doors at 3:00 PM.
  • Siblings, parents or walking partners should have a designated meeting spot.
  • Students and parents need to stay on the sidewalks at all times and cross only at designated areas where crossing guards are on duty.  It is best to park on Locust Street, Turner Place, or Lincoln St. to wait for your child especially if they are in grades 3-5. Do not park cars behind other cars and block them in by the diagonal parking after school.  Please all up 12 -15 minutes to pick up after school during the winter months (94% of our students are walkers).

Dismissal Doors

  • All bus students will be dismissed out the main front door.
  • K and 1st graders will be dismissed out the southwest doors.
  • 2nd graders will be dismissed out the side door by the small parking lot.
  • 3rd, 4th, 5th graders will be dismissed out the northwest gym doors and main door.

If you have a change in arrangements for pick up of your child please send a note to the classroom teacher as well as the office. Phone calls with changes need to be called into the office by 2:15 PM so we have enough time to let the students know a change of plans. Without a note or phone call, students will follow their regular routine.